About Us

Have you ever been on a first date at a restaurant and that pesky piece of cilantro found a home in your teeth? So embarrassing! Many times your date may be too embarrassed to tell you and might let you go through the whole date until you finally check your make-up or go to the bathroom. If they do tell you then you’re put on the spot and you have to decide whether you are going to sit there at the table and pick your teeth or do the lady-like thing and excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, still so embarrassing!

Meet Dr. Brilliant, SmilePIK Founder

My name is Dr. Margo Brilliant and I am an orthodontist in south Florida. I have made it my career and my passion to help people develop and maintain beautiful smiles. Through the years I have had my clients tell me about embarrassing moments where they had food stuck in their teeth. My clients would complain about not having a discreet and effective way to remove food from teeth and that they wish they could use something that wasn’t as unglamorous as a toothpick. That is why I decided to create the perfect toothpick for women that is discreet, safe for the mouth, and effective at removing food from teeth. I wanted to make a toothpick that could be used right at the table, and no one would even know I was picking my teeth!

In order to develop smilePIK I asked myself, what is something I do naturally at the table that would not look out of order or different? As I was out to eat one day eating some tacos with a colleague I went to check on my make-up and lipstick as I normally do after eating, and as I looked in the mirror while I was holding my lipstick I actually noticed that I had gotten some cilantro stuck in my teeth, but I also noticed that if I was holding a toothpick disguised as lipstick I could have handled that little piece of cilantro right then and there. And that is how smilePIK was born! After this lunch I went to work using the best materials that are in the toothpicks that I approve for my orthodontist clients and developed them to be disguised as lipstick.  

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