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SmilePIK Combo

SmilePIK Combo

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SmilePIK is the world's most discreet toothpick disguised as a lipstick. Created by Dr. Margo Brilliant a renowned orthodontist, this product was designed to help you remain carefree and focused in social situations. Clean your teeth without using dental floss by using this doctor recommended toothpick. Simply twist it open like a lipstick, placing the tip gently at your gum line between teeth. Then slide away from the gum line to remove food. It’s that simple! The plastic tip is easily washable and lasts several months. Not for you? This product is a perfect gift for the woman in your life. Whether your sister, mother, friend or partner, this will become the secret weapon in your beauty accessories and makeup bag :)

Looks Like a Lipstick, Works Like a Toothpick

Stay focused and confident in all social situations. Whether at a business lunch or out to dinner with friends, this will be your secret weapon that you can't leave home without.

Portable. Discreet. Useful.

Disguised as a lipstick, smilePIK is discreet and small enough to fit in your pocket. Bring this with you everywhere!

Easily Washable Removable Applicator

The smilePIK applicator is removable for easy cleaning. Each tip lasts at least six months in this beautiful pink. Three new shades will be released soon!

Some of Our Raving 5-Star Verified Reviews

“I carry this in my purse with my make up to go. I want to buy one for my car and vanity. I floss at least once a day but I still find everyone can have a piece of spinach or pepper at anytime. This works perfect for those times and it feels good on gums. So pretty too!!!” - Stephanie Zibert

“I really like this product and it works so good. Would recommend. I saw it on Hoda and Kathie Lee’s morning show on NBC!” - Jess Coe

“Every woman should have one, this is amazing” - Antoinette Innaco

“What a novel idea and it does camouflage the nasty process of toothpicking. Thank You!” - Estrella



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